Mortgage App Tutorials

These tutorials are designed to help you utilize your mortgage app to the fullest extent. While we try to keep these tutorials up-to-date, the tool is constantly evolving, and may include benefits which are not shown in these videos.

Mortgage App Demo


Getting Started with SimpleNexus


Sharing Your Mortgage App


Managing App Users


Enrolling Partners


Enrolling a partner allows the partner to login and manage their own profile and app settings.




Compliance isn't everyone's favorite activity, but you're subject to the rules. Watch this video to see how serious we take the issue.

My Loan


LOS Integration allows your mortgage app to provide milestones, collect conditions, and notify borrowers of their loan status.


The Installation Process


Installing your mortgage app is simple. You have a URL that can be clicked on by anyone to install your app.

Tracking App Activity


Want to know who installed your mortgage app, and when they installed it? Would it be useful to know how many calculations a particular ad campaign generated?
Not only will we show you, we'll send you instant, daily, and weekly activity emails!