About Us

SimpleNexus will continually provide the best mobile app for Loan Officers, while keeping a close eye on compliance to ensure you're safe.

Matt Hansen started building the personalized mortgage app as a favor for his brother-in-law, who was a Loan Originator for Republic Mortgage in Salt Lake City, UT. When it was completed, Matt's mother, (also a Loan Originator), wanted to give her clients and Realtors a personalized application. A short time later, several more Loan Originator in Matt's family began using the application.

In early 2011, Matt asked mortgage, software, and sales experts, Adam Lane, Dave Stevenson, and Alan Hogan for help to keep up with the feature requests and questions. Since then, we have continued to improve the product and map out the furthest corners of the mobile landscape.

The name SimpleNexus was derived from the purpose of connecting service providers such as Loan Officers, to their clients. Building these products brings clients closer to their service providers by offering value. In turn, retention rates, and personal connection is improved, which translates into increased retention.

Since inception, in 2010, we have been installed on more than one million phones, processed more than four million calculations, and have more than 45,000 referral partner versions of the app. The app has been approved by compliance departments all over the country and Officers from 50 states rely on our product daily. This has given us the performance and reliability edge to build an app that can be depended upon. We improve the apps and website every single day.

Our Team

Matt Hansen

Founder & CEO

As CEO, Matt is responsible for strategy and growth of the company. Matt oversees the technical aspects of the company, how to leverage the latest technologies, and what technologies to avoid. Matt has been one of the first 5 developers for more than one company that has grown to be worth 9 figures. Today, Matt's goal is to help bridge the gap between the Loan Originator, the Realtor, and the consumer. Referrals have been our primary driving force.

Dave Stevenson

Founder & CTO

Dave is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 16 years in mortgage technology. His mobile apps have been featured by Apple and written about in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Wired Magazine. Along with holding leadership positions in various mortgage technology providers, he started and sold three successful internet based businesses.

Ben Miller


Ben leads business planning and strategy. He has experience leading several companies through rough terrain, and an MBA from Brigham Young University. Ben is a major addition to the SimpleNexus team.